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Nausea<br/>6 Pack
Nausea<br/>6 Pack
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Portable, Discreet & Highly Effective

CUREeze is a small and portable fresh aromatic lemon-scented oil diffuser that you clip into your nose to help relieve nausea, motion sickness, hangover symptoms, morning sickness, tummy, dizziness, and nausea symptoms caused by chemotherapy. CUREeze offers an all-natural, organic approach with zero chemicals.

Our full product line helps with nausea, insomnia, congestion, stress, morning sickness, and anxiety and works quickly and effectively with no synthetic medications or anything else that could possibly harm you. Our clips are designed so that the oil does not directly touch the skin, allowing you all the benefits without potential skin sensitivity relating to touch.

Relief On the Go!


Lemon Scented Essential Oil Remedy

No Risk For Your Body

Advanced Design


Remove a single CUREEZE™ essential oil clip from foil blister.

Using finger tips, pinch stem of clip and place at base of nose.

Insert the round ends of clip into each nostril and breath

Each clip can deliver up to 12 hours of symptomatic relief.